Our Potential Clients

Our Potential Clients

Now a day, freedom loving brave, enthusiastic and creative young peoples of our country prefer to do something by his own way rather than serving in the job. In other words, they wish to establish industrial projects through entrepreneurship. It is known to us that the first industrial revolution was held with the invention of steam engine, second one contributed by electricity and third. The person / Persons who maybe our clients:


A.   Who is Seeking for Business Idea and/or Information

       a)   Who is looking for a new business ideas

       b)   Who needs information regarding all aspects of a new business

       c)   Who wants company formation related idea and works


B.   Who is Seeking for Project / Business Feasibility Study

       a)   Who is looking for Pre-Investment Feasibility Study

       b)   Who is searching for Feasibility study


C.   Who is Seeking for Documentation Support Related to Project / Business Loan Proposal

       a)    Who is going to establish a new business and seeking for the Project Loan & Working Capital Loan.

       b)    Who has already established Business but required more financial support,

              Such as:

               -   Working capital

               -   Takeover facility

                -   Non-funded financial facility

               -   Commercial paper facility

               -   Increase in L/C facility 


D.   Who is Seeking for Transformation

        Established Business Entrepreneurs/Partners/Directors, who is facing the problem in any business aspects;

       Such as:

       a)   Management aspects

       b)   Strategic aspects

       c)   Financial aspects

       d)   Marketing aspects

E.   Who is Looking for Turn-key Basis Project Completion

       Sponsors / Entrepreneurs, who need the Turn-key basis Total Solutions of the project; starting from Business Idea Generation to Project Implementation;

      Such as:

      *    Solar Generated Electricity

      *    Power Plant / Power Station / Sub-Station

      *    LPG Bottling Plant

      *    Garments Factory

      *    Textile Mill

      *    Spinning Mill

      *    Paper Mill

      *    Auto Bricks Industry

      *    Auto Rice Milling Plant

      *    Composite Agro Farm

      *    Composite Dairy Farm

      *    Composite Poultry Farm

      *    Feed Processing Plant

      *    Bio Gas Plant

      *    Bio Fertilizer Plant

      *    Recycling Plant (Pyrolysis)

      *    Waste Management

      *    Drinking Water Treatment Plant

      *    Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

      *    Pre-Fabricated Steel Structure

      *    Green Building / Factory Consultancy