Green Building or Factory Consultancy

Bangladesh is one of the low carbons emitting country even among the developing countries, likely to be one of the worst sufferers of global warming. In this regard, Bangladesh has taken lots of environment & climate friendly sustainable green initiative to protect the countries environmental degradation. Bangladesh Government are encouraging the renewable energy & eco-friendly projects and also encouraging green industrial factory by replacing conventional factory.


The factory which uses less water, electricity, fuel, chemical than conventional factory and produces more items by using less machinery is called Eco-friendly factory. Friendly environment is the key point to make such kind of factory.


In line with the government legislations, around 67 Eco-friendly factories have been built in over the last three or four decades. Many entrepreneurs are working now to make this kind of factory. About 122 environment-friendly factories are being set up for an inauguration. BGMEA in association with USGBC and GBCI launched “LEED Green Factory Award” in recognition and celebration of Bangladesh’s RMG sector’s strides in green industrialization.


Considering above, SFCS coupled a good number of professional and technical expertise along with extensive industry knowledge to setup a Green Garments & Textile Factory using LEED technology with cost effective manner.