Power Plant or Sub-Station

Bangladesh is a bustling country with a total population of now 164 million with over 46% under the age of 25, the majority of whom are acclimatized to growing up with electronic devices in their homes. And with increasing urbanization and development of rural and suburban regions, the availability of electricity plays a crucial role in raising the living standards of the people and the development of the country.


Bangladesh’s energy demand has been increasing at an average pace of 10% over the last decade. However, supply of the commodity has yet to reach the same pace. Currently, the country has a generation capacity of 20,133 MW, a large portion of which is unutilized due to scarcity of gas, unreliable old plants, and lack of development of the electricity grid and it’s estimated that unreliable power supply has been costing the country 2% of GDP annually. In FY18, 2,817 MW of new capacity was added increasing the total generation capacity to 15,953 MW, an increase of 17.69% from the previous year.

The government of Bangladesh (GOB) recognizes that the pace of power development has to be accelerated in order to achieve overall economic development targets of the country and avoid looming power shortages. To meet the increasing demand for Power, the government of Bangladesh has undertaken massive steps towards increasing the power supply in the short span of time by encouraging private sector power production as well as import of power from native countries.


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