Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Water covers more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface, but mostly salty and undrinkable. The available freshwater resource is only 2.7% whereas only 1% of the available freshwater is accessible. Water is connected to every forms of life on earth. As a criteria, an adequate, reliable, clean, accessible, acceptable and safe drinking water supply has to be available for various users. Now a days it is globally decided that, safe drinking water is a fundamental human right.

Drinking water sources are subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing agents. Water treatment, as a word originally means the act or process of making water more potable or useful, as by purifying, clarifying, softening or deodorizing it.


Providing safe drinking water is one of the most important tasks of communities and the design of water supply systems has to follow the rules of engineering sciences and also needs technical knowledge and practical experience. Water is treated differently in different communities depending on the quality of the water which enters the plant.


Considering above, SFCS coupled a good number of professional and technical expertise along with latest equipment to provide the sustainable total solutions to establish a safe Drinking Water Treatment Plant for households, factory or industry with cost effective manner.