Recycling Plant (Pyrolysis)

Residential, commercial and industrial activities will always result in the generation of waste. Now-a-days people have become conscious about environment and ecological sites. So they always want to make sure that their environment is free of pollution. The ideal approach to reduce that pollution in a plastic site is to recycle the wastes. The re-cycling of plastic may take several processes.


Recycling means the reprocessing and refabricating of a material that has been used and discarded by a consumer and that otherwise would be destined as solid waste. This type of recycle is called post-consumer recycle, as opposed to recycle that is created as a nor-mal part of scrap from a manufacturing process. The reprocessing of tyre or plastic materials into useful products needs several steps such as collection, sorting, cleaning and refabri-cating.


Plastic is made from synthetic and semi synthetic materials. ‘The term “plastic” in-cludes materials composed of various elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitro-gen, chlorine and sulfur.’ Plastics have high molecular weight which means in a plastic product there is some polymers that has molecules which contains thousands of atom bonds together.


And it is estimated that about 90,000 metric tons tires become scrap and are disposed of every year in Bangladesh. The disposal of non-biodegradable solid tire wastes from human activity is a growing environmental problem for the modern society, especially in developing countries. Unfortunately, most of these scrap tires are simply dumped under open sky and in landfills in developing countries. Open dumping may result in accidental fires with highly toxic emissions or may act as ideal breeding grounds for disease carrying mosquitoes and other vermin with the aid of rain water. Landfills full of tires are not acceptable to the environment because tires do not easily degrade naturally.


Considering above, SFCS coupled a good number of professional and technical expertise along with extensive industry knowledge to provide the sustainable total solutions to establish a Recycling Plant (Pyrolysis) with cost effective manner.