Composite Poultry Farm

Bangladesh weather is very much friendly for poultry farming. More than half of the people is based on agricultural and livestock farming. The poultry sector is an integral part of farming systems and has improved food security and enhanced supply of quality protein to people’s meals, contributing country’s economic growth and reducing poverty level in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh.


The present meat and egg production can meet only 68 and 64% of the national demand. The demand for meat, egg and meat and egg products have been expanding dramatically with income growth, population growth, urbanization and dietary changes.


Recognizing this fact, the government and the private sector are working together to solve the problem in poultry industry through various development activities. Apart from this, government is encouraging private sectors and NGOs to undertake steps for the development of poultry by liberalizing its present policy.


In Bangladesh poultry farming is a very profitable business for both individuals and entrepreneurs. Market gap is huge & can never dry up. Market is already ready. There are no religious taboos for consuming any poultry bird’s meat and eggs.


Considering above, SFCS coupled a good number of professional and technical expertise along with extensive industry knowledge to provide the sustainable total solutions to establish a Composite Poultry Farm with cost effective manner.