Arrangement of Clearing & Forwarding (C&F) Services

Clearing and Forwarding (C&F) provides a service, on behalf of an importer or exporter, with the physical movement (logistics) and legalities (customs) in importing or exporting goods from one country to another. This service involves two service providers, namely the clearing agent and the freight forwarder.


The clearing and forwarding (C&F) instruction is a document completed by the exporter/importer for their forwarding and/or clearing agent. This will cover all the activities that are required to move the goods either from the seller to the Incoterms handover point or from the Incoterms handover point to the buyer.


A freight forwarder provides freight forwarding services which means services of any kind relating to the carriage, consolidation, storage, handling, packing or distribution of goods as well as ancillary and advisory services in connection therewith; including but not limited to customs and fiscal matters, declaring the goods for official purposes, procuring insurance for the goods and collecting or procuring payment or documents relating to the goods.


Considering above, SFCS maintain liaison with various parties involved with C&F processing to provide smooth & functional C&F processing services for the importers / buyers by arrangement of C&F processing services.