Prepare Project Profile including Market Analysis data & Feasibility Study report along with Technical & Financial Explanation

A project profile provides a snapshot look of a project with technical & financial data analysis and provides valuable information in the development of the project execution plan and the assignment of resources to the project. Before setup any project / business every entrepreneurs have to know about the project / business weather it is financially feasible or not. In this regard, need to analyze the market & industry of the project / business, availability of raw materials, cost of raw materials, cost of utilities, cost of finished goods, technical & financial explanation as well as annual operating costs & annual income etc. Finally a project profile is a simplified description of an eventual project.


Now a days, every business project need financial support as loan from various Bank or other financial institutions. But the thing is, business loans does not come easily. Wherever you go to a bank for loan they just behave like they are not willing to give you loan but in hindsight they actually love to give loan but they love documents more. To get the business loan every business entities must fulfill the lenders required documents checklist with appropriate manner. In this connection without preparing a good project profile with feasibility study report it is literally impossible.


Considering above, SFCS coupled a good number of professional and technical expertise along with extensive industry knowledge to prepare any project profile including Market Analysis data & Feasibility Study report along with technical & financial explanation according to the instructions of the Bank / NBFI’s for arrangement of debt financing.