Pre-Investment Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an analysis that takes all of a project's relevant factors including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully. Project managers use feasibility studies to discern the pros and cons of undertaking a project before they invest a lot of time and money into it.Feasibility studies also can provide a company's management with crucial information that could prevent the company from entering blindly into risky businesses.


In our era, we live in a rapidly changing and very competitive business environment. Many more risk factors are involved in the business. Before taking any investment decision, there are lot of things are considerable. Pre-investment feasibility studies is an early stage of analysis of a potential project. With technical & financial data analysis, it gives the clear view about intended project to the investors weather it is viable or not.


Considering above, SFCS coupled a good number of professional and technical expertise along with extensive industry knowledge to conduct the pre-investment feasibility study report including Market Analysis data along with technical & financial explanation for the potential investors to take any investment decision which is financially benefited and technically viable.