Idea Generation

We live in a rapidly changing and very competitive business environment. There are lot of business areas and all business are not feasible for all entrepreneurs. Business success depends on many more components eg; Nature of Business, Area of Business, Taste of People, Funding Capacity etc.


Idea generation is the creative process or procedure that a company uses in order to figure out solutions to any number of difficult challenges. It involves coming up with many ideas in a group discussion, selecting the best idea or ideas, working to create a plan to implement the idea, and then actually taking that idea and putting it into practice. The idea can be tangible, something you can touch or see, or intangible, something symbolic or cultural.


In this connection, at SFCS we generate different type of project / business ideas as of entrepreneur’s choice & nature based on the followings:

 -   Feasibility of the Project

 -   Benefit Cost Ration (BCR)

 -   Pay Back Period (PBP)

 -   Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

 -   Return on Investments (ROI)