Composite Agro Farm

Agriculture is the single most important sector of Bangladesh's economy. 80% of the population is engaged in agriculture (66% of the labor force). Fifty-seven percent of the labor force is engaged in the crop sector which represents about 78% of the value added in the agricultural sector. The share of agriculture in GDP has fallen from around 57% in the 1970s to 35% in recent years but is still the largest economic sector. It is also the source of many of the small industrial sector's raw materials, such as jute, and accounts for 32% of the value of exports.

Agriculture plays a key role in Bangladesh by contributing 12 percent to its exports, 21 percent to its GDP and employing more than 60 percent of its labor force. The dominance of agriculture will continue well into the 21st century as the nation fights against poverty and strives to raise standard of living of its people through sustained economic growth.

Bangladesh is the 7th largest country in the world in population where 164.707 million people are virtually elbowing each other in a land that is 147,570 sq km in area with a population density of more than 1100 people per sq km. Overpopulated! Well, there are only a few city-like states – like Singapore – that would top this kind of population density. Excluding those states, Bangladesh would make it to the top of the lists in population density. What makes the situation even more horrifying for Bangladesh is that the country is poised to lose a good part of its territory for rise of sea levels because of global warming, while its very population increases at an unsustainable rate.

In Bangladesh, a country currently experiencing rapid population growth and serious food shortages, an effort to increase crop yields through the introduction of HYV (high yield varieties) of rice was initiated in 1966. As of 1979, 15% of the rice fields were planted with HYV rice, and the remaining rice fields were planted with lower yield, traditional varieties.

Considering above, SFCS coupled a good number of professional and technical expertise along with extensive industry knowledge to provide the sustainable total solutions to establish a Composite Agro Farm with cost effective manner.